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Jane Yates

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor - Arts

PGDip, Adv Dip, MBACP

As a clinician, Jane is influenced greatly by her Attachment and Neurobiology infant observation research. She has been able to observe first hand how important the earliest relationships are for the infant, and how they become the blue print for the child’s relational pattern through life. It is for this reason that Jane feels so passionately about early intervention. She knows that help for the family can get the child’s relationships back on track in a way which is much more difficult to do further down the road. Jane's philosophy of practice, uses the arts as a medium to support communication and to explore emotion and feeling. As (our hero) Winnicott states, ‘playing implies trust’. It's the arts which act as the bridge into ‘playing’. Jane sees the creative process as a unique ingredient to the therapeutic process enabling access to both thinking and feeling capacities in relation to the child’s story. 

'Jane is intuitive sensitive and thoughtful, she is able to work creatively with children and work with metaphor. The children appreciate her way of allowing them to express themselves in various ways with her’. 

- Dr Jeanne Magagna

Contact: jane@therapyspacejersey.com