Jane Yates

Jane Yates

Jane Yates - Child & Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor - Arts PGDip, Adv Dip, MBACP

Jane's philosophy of practice, uses the arts and play as a medium to support communication and to explore emotion and feeling.  Jane sees the creative process as a unique ingredient to the therapeutic process enabling access to both thinking and feeling capacities in relation to the child’s story. 

'Jane is intuitive sensitive and thoughtful, she is able to work creatively with children and work with metaphor. The children appreciate her way of allowing them to express themselves in various ways with her’. 

- Dr Jeanne Magagna


Lucy Hubbard - Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist MA, BA Hons, PGDip, Adv Dip, MBACP

Lucy is based in Bristol and is available for online therapeutic services in Jersey and school support in Bristol. Jane and Lucy can work together to support siblings and the family as a whole.

As a child and adolescent therapist, I am able to offer children and young people a safe space to acknowledge, experience and process their feelings, alongside a reliable adult, in confidence. These feelings, may at times, seem unmanageable and overwhelming, leaving children confused or distressed, anxious or frightened. Feelings may present in huge angry outburst, depressive or shut down behaviours or self-harming activities. 

Lucy has worked with children for the past 26yrs, as a creative Child Support Worker, Therapeutic Play worker and Youth-worker, in Hackney, East London. Lucy currently works as Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Counsellor, living and practicing in Bristol. 

 “It was in the formative years of my career, as a Therapeutic Play worker, that I first experienced children suffering huge emotional difficulties, many of whose behaviour was seen as un-manageable. I witnessed, the transformation of these children as they played freely within a creative , safe environment. They were free to choose, be it playing in the sand, sculpting clay, play-acting, drawing or making a big mess with paints. I began to understand that, given the opportunity, the children were able to build a more robust sense of them selves as they played and experienced the development of a meaningful relationship with the workers. It was the relationships I formed with these children that inspired me to train as a Therapeutic Counsellor, using the arts as a central means of self-expression. ”