School Services

Therapy Space can provide school counselling and therapy to provide services to school and colleges in Jersey and Bristol.  The clinical staff are all highly trained, skilled and talented child psychotherapists and Counsellors, are able to work with a wide range of issues. 

We are able to provide a tailor-made service to schools that is designed to meet the specific needs of the school.  We pride ourselves on running an exceptional service that can be used as a real support to school staff and pupils.  Our expertise includes organisational consultancy in order that we can think carefully about how it is that we can fit into the school structure in the most helpful way. 

We would be delighted to provide a free consultation to discuss how we might be able to be involved in your school.  Including any of the following services:


  • We can provide on-site clinicians for between one and five days a week

  • We work closely with parents to ensure that issues are tackled at home as well as at school

  • We are able to run groups for a wide range of issues including bullying, anger management, parental separation, and managing ADHD

  • We can help build and oversee a peer support service

  • We are able to provide support and backup to the school on any issue of emotional, psychological or mental health and assist in thinking about child protection concerns

  • We will run support groups for staff either on an on-going basis or at times of particular difficulty

  • We can contribute to staff training days with talks and workshops on a variety of issues

  • Clinicians are supervised by highly experienced consultant child and family therapists who will oversee all clinical work and ensure exacting standards for both administrational and clinical work

  • It is possible to run the service by onward costing the sessions to parents so that the cost to the school is minimal while significantly enriching the pastoral care in the organisation