Consultations give parents an opportunity to:
Explore what is happening in their child’s development and what their struggles are.
Understand why their child may be struggling.
Understand what specific needs their child has at this point in their development.
Gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in their child’s inner world.
Gain more insight into why they may be responding to their child in a certain way.
Reflect on how their child connects to family, friends and school.
Think about what is happening in the family: what are the patterns at play and finding ways to relate in an alternative way so everyone can get their needs met.

Some further areas that parents may wish to explore in the consultations:
How the family deals with discipline.
How a parent’s own history comes into play in the role of parenting.
An exploration of Transactional Analysis: a model to understand our behaviour by looking at different ego states.
Exploring the model of Attachment theory through thinking about each individual’s relating style, reflective functioning and emotional regulation.

The structure of the sessions
The parent consultations that we offer can take on different forms:

Discussion and exploration
We can have a discussion and engage with one another about your experiences and concerns.

A more structured approach
We can have a more structured approach where we look at one theme at a time, in a more systematic manner. We could decide to divide the sessions up into the different topics and ensure we have enough time to explore each one.

A combination
We can have a combination of the structured and unstructured approaches. Our approach to all of the consultations is that discussions are done in an open and exploratory way.

Whatever you decide, we will ask you to commit to a minimum of four sessions, as it is hard to cover in any depth some of the complex issues that arise with parenting and child development.

Working with parents when a child is in therapy
We have found when working with a young person, that if a parent is supported and understands some of the dynamics and issues occurring in their child’s life, it enhances and speeds up the therapy process to a very large degree. 

There will be a variety of needs in the parents while their child is in therapy, but above all else a space is given for parents to share thoughts and feelings of what the child is bringing up in them.  It is important that parents are supported emotionally alongside their child in order to process their experiences.